Artist & Designer.

Design & Engineer.

3D printing specialist.



04/2017 - 12/2018_ Research fellow at +LAB
Politecnico di Milano.

2012 - 2014 _ Interior decorator for studio Donizelli
Monte Carlo and Geneva.



2014 - 2017_ Master degree in Design & Engineering
Politecnico di Milano.

2009 - 2014 _ Degree in Product & Communication Design
Università degli studi di Genova.


One day a very dear person defined me as
'a creative mind that loves every form of art'.

I loved it, because this perfectly describes me.
I spend most of my time admiring, listening or making art.

  • 80%

When I was a child I discovered a creative talent and during the last years I developed practical skills on drawings and digital portraits, clay sculpture and hand-made objects like jewelry made of recycled material, wicker baskets and wood objects.

In the same period of my life I started to play saxophone at the Conservatory, in France, and it was a wonderful experience learning to play an instrument and a new language together, so now I can say that both my French and my saxophone are fluent.

Later at the university, I decided to follow my passions and to study Design, and this choice gave me the possibility to use my creative skills in many different fields, such as product design, graphic design, 3D modeling & printing, and to increase my competences by working with many different persons, learning the meaning and the importance of the words ‘teamwork’ and ‘problem solving’.

Now I am on a new path where I can combine my love for art with all my competencies, in order to create something new, beautiful and above all useful for somebody.
I love art, all kinds of art.