NISY – Now I See You

Noi Non Ci Fermiamo – NNCF
21 Gennaio 2019
21 Gennaio 2019

NISY - Now I See You

3D Photography

+LAB project 2018

Artist & Designer: Ravalli Giuditta

Softwares: Meshmixer | Simplify 3D | Slic3r
Technology: Digital sculpting | 3D printing

This project starts from the intention and the strong desire to turn a bidimensional photo into a three-dimensional object.

This process creates a 3D photography with all the details and the aspects of the photograpfic composition, including the main subject, the background in all its different layers; and the most interesting part, the perspective.

The result is a bas-relief with the parts in the foreground more bulging than the background that will be gradually compressed.

The purpose is to create a 3D printed bas-relief that allow a blind person to see, by touching the bas-relief, the photography.

I think that this is an interesting and noble application of the 3D printing technologies, because with the digital sculpture I can use my creativity, but this is not only a piece of art; this is first an useful object that can change or only improve some lives.

The photo represent Andrea Bocelli riding his horse in front of the Tower of Pisa.

The picture was took by the photographer Giovanni Gastel.

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