Noi Non Ci Fermiamo – NNCF
21 Gennaio 2019
21 Gennaio 2019

3HELP - Electric Tricycle

Group project 2016:
Final examination | Design & Engineering
Group Component: Dastoli Caterina | Mattioli Francesca | Molaroni Gianlorenzo | Ravalli Giuditta

Softwares: PTC Creo Parametric | Keyshot | Abaqus

Three wheels electric vehicle that allows two people to quickly and securely act in case of Red Codes emergencies.
Trained people, with specific equipment, will go directly in place in an autonomous way.
It will be used in city traffic or crowded places, in open or closed spaces.

Extraction sequency of the emergency backpacks.
The two emergency backpacks have a dedicated place in the electrical tricycle frame that makes it easy to extract them from the vehicle, in order to facilitate the rescue operations.


Simplicity: easy, clear

• Safety: 3 wheels abs, elements of notice, easy to cleane

• Agility: two anterior wheels, balanced weights

• Functionalities: two people, navigator, adaptive backpacks

• Communicability: detectability as emergency and electric, functional

• Electric: silent, clea, access to inside places, medical devices refill.