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3 Marzo 2016


Artistic 3D printing project 2017-18

Partecipants: +LAB | B.LIVE:
Softwares: Rhinoceros |Meshmixer | Simplify 3D | Cura | Slic3r

We all have at least one scar. On the body, in the heart, or in the soul.
They are signs, that nobody wants to show, because they make us appear more fragile.

But it is not always this way.

The project ‘Cicatrici’ was born in July 2017, and become an adventure lasted one year where B.Livers, guys affected by serious chronic pathologies and +LAB, the innovative laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, they all found their own scars and one way to represent it by drawing on two icons of the beauty, the Venus of Milo and the David of Michelangelo.
After the first 2D phase all the drawings have been 3D modeled or digitally sculpted, and at the end 3D printed with FDM technology, creating 41 different and personal statues.

This has been one very introspective trip in the emotions, and everybody can do in order to discover their own beauty.

In this project I was involved first in the review phase in which I discussed with the drawing’s author about how to convert the 2D drawing into the final 3D statue; after that, I worked on the digital sculpture, the 3D printing, the assembling and finishing of 34 statues.


One part of the participants of the project Cicatrici, at the Maker Faire 2017, in Rome.


In the picture above some of the 41 statues that I digitally sculpted, 3D printed, assembled and finished.
In the picture below some of the 41 statues that I digitally sculpted, 3D printed, but were then finished by the owners.

The exhibition: 18 – 28 october 2018

In October 2018, the project ‘Cicatrici’ have been exposed for 10 days at the Museum of the Trienniale in Milano.
A collection of stories.
Two icons of the classical beauty, 3D printing for interpreting our own scars of the body, of the souls, of the heart.