Noi Non Ci Fermiamo – NNCF

Space mouse
3 Marzo 2016

Noi Non Ci Fermiamo

+LAB project 2017:
Designer: Basciu Francesco | Fausti Valerio | Mantelli Andrea | Ravalli Giuditta | Romani Alessia

Softwares: Solidworks | PTC Creo Parametric | Simplify 3D | Cura | Slic3r
Technology: 3D printing

‘Noi Non Ci Fermiamo’, NNCF, is a +ABILITY project, in collaboration with Roche Medical Affairs,
entirely developed by +LAB, with the participation of ANMAR, ALOMAR e APMAR.
The purpose is to create design products that can be used by everyone
but at the same time that can be customized on individual needs.
The final objects are the result of the investigation about needs of people with rheumatic diseases, who were project-leader of the design process and worked closely with designers, engineers, occupational therapists and doctors.



All the participants of the project NNCF.


During all the design phases of NNCF, all the participants were involved.


The results of NNCF

-9 people with
rheumatoid arthritis

-4 designers

-6 occupational therapists

-9 customized projects

-9 solved difficulties